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Explain why/how the United States became the world's superpower after WW2. Explain why the United States was better suited for being a global leader.

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    Think about it:

    US financed TWO WORLD WARS. Right so all that money comes right in. ONly entered WW2 after pearl harbour so not a long period of war left, ditto on ww1, only entered last year of war.

    So obviously would have spent less and been in better shape than the other countries?

    Could you seriously see France or ENgland with crippling debts and having been bombed, not to discount PH, significantly and continually in the same economic shape as the US?

    Plus rations have limited consumer expenditure thus SHRINKING the economy which has already been shrunk by oversized payments into the military. Consumer confidence will be shot so more money saved in these countries.

    Thats why the US was better suited

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