Pos/110 american government

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Can someone help please???

1. Assignment: American Government Concepts

• Resources: Chapter 1 of the text lists several key concepts in American government. Among these are government, politics, policymaking system, public policy, democracy, majority rule, minority rights, representation, and political culture. University Library, Library of Congress American Memory Web site, credible Internet sources
• Choose seven of the nine concepts listed above and use the University Library or a credible Internet source to locate an image or symbol that illustrates or represents each concept. You may not use the same image or symbol to represent more than one concept; you must have seven different images or symbols.
• Include your images or symbols in a Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation containing 6 to 8 slides. Include the following in your presentation:

o Introductory slide
o Conclusion slide
o 4-6 image or symbol slides
o Speaker notes
o References in APA style in the speaker notes

• Explain why you chose each particular image or symbol and why you think it represents the respective concept. You may showcase more than one image or symbol on a slide.

  • Pos/110 american government -

    How would you like us to help you with this assignment?

  • Pos/110 american government -

    1. Which seven concepts have you chosen to concentrate on?

    2. What have you researched about each of the seven? What image or symbol have you chosen for each one?

    What have you done so far...?

    APA resources: http://owl.english.purdue.edu/owl/resource/560/01/

  • Pos/110 american government -

    I need to make a powerpoint presentstion, using these 7 concepts 1.Representation
    2.Minority Rights
    3.Majority Rule
    6.Public Policy
    7.Policy making system

    I am stuck and do not even know how to get started... Please help

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