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Which of the following formulas could be used to calculate the combined area,x of threw identical circles?

A. X= 3pie r squared

B. X= 6 pie r

C. X= pie r squared/ 3

D. X= 6 r/ pie

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    Do you mean pi (not pie)?

    Do you mean three (not threw)?

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    Yes, sorry about that.

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    The formula for the area of a circle is

    A = pi * r^2

    Which of your choices shows the formula for the areas of three identical circles?

    I'll be glad to check your answer.

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    A= 3pi r squared?

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    Right! :-)

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    mrs, smith baked 4 pies.she cut each pie in to 8 equal pieces. if 5 of pie were eaten,what fraction of the pies is left?

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