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Shelly has $175 to shop for jeans and sweaters, Each pair of jeans costs $25, each sweater costs $20, and she buys 8 items. Determine the number of pairs of jeans and sweaters Shelly bought.

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    Solution: Make 2 equations out of the problem
    ex. X for jeans y for sweater

    175= 25x=20y the price of the all the jeans + the price of all the sweater= 175 dollars

    8=x-y the number of jeans and sweater = the number of item

    get X by itself and use substitution
    8-y=x now substitute it in the first problem
    175=200-25Y+20Y now combine like term
    175=200-5Y get y by itself first - 200 on both side the divide -5 on both to get y by itself and your answer is the number of sweater
    Now plug the 5 in the second equation 8=y+x now plug in 5 for Y
    8=5+x -5 on both side to find the number of jeans

    Hope u get this !!!!

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