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I forgot to include the following list of words. Can you just tell me if they are used and if I should include other (more fashionable) clothes?

1) FOOTWEAR: Walking boots, boots, sandals, shoes, slippers, court shoes (AmE pumps), flip flops, slippers, clogs, sandals.
2) shoes with a cemented sole, wedge-heeled, flat shoes, slide-on shoes, lace-up shoes, Velcro shoes, shoes with a buckle, leather court shoes, high-/low- heeled shoes, flat shoes, platform shoes, trainers/training shoes/sneakers).
3)WOMEN’S WEAR: Suit, jacket, blouse, skirt, dress, evening gown, (ankle) socks, stockings, tights.
MEN’S WEAR: Suit, tie, jacket, tuxedo, bow tie, waistcoat, shirt, knee socks.
4) CASUAL WEAR: jeans (skinny, flared, boot-cut, straight-leg, baggy, washed-out), T-shirt, baseball cap, shirt, trousers, jackets, sweatshirt (zip-up/hooded sweatshirt) , shorts, leggings, dungarees, a jacket with patches on the elbows
5) SPORTSWEAR: Tracksuit (tracksuit top/bottoms), bikini, swimsuit, swimming trunks, trainers.
Which clothes are popular with American teenagers? Can you please help me?

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    Casual Wear is popular with American teenagers for sure.

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    We seldom use "dungarees" today.

    Hooded sweatshirts are known as hoodies.

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