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wanted to know if I got the correct answer?
question (2a10b2)(3a2b2)
answer 6a^12+5a^12b^4+b^4

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    do you mean something like this: [2(a^10)(b^2)][3(a^2)(b^2)]
    if so, then
    for constants, we just multiply them normally,, for the variables, recall some laws of exponent,, multiplying terms of same base is also equal to base raised to sum of its exponents,, for example
    5^2 * 5^5 = 5^(2+5) = 5^7
    x^3 * x^(-4) = x^(3-4) = x^(-1)
    for constants: 2*3 = 6
    for base a: a^10 * a^2 = a^12
    for base b: b^2 * b^2 = b^4
    multiplying all of them, we have

    hope this helps~ :)

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    one number is 5times anotherand their sum is 438.whatare the number?give answer in part a,b and c

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