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use backtracking to solve each e

quations ?.

+1=9, 7k-3=32, 5(n-8)=25 2(2t-1)=14
8x-1=63 ,2x-5=15,

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    Okay so


    We move the 1 over to the other side of the equal sign, which means the equation now reads


    solve this


    now we divide both sides by 2 (its the multiplier of x and we want to split them apart)



    With your brakets

    2(2t-1)= 14

    Okay so firstly we divide both sides by 2

    t-0.5 = 7

    Then we move the 0.5 over the equal sign

    t = 7 + 0.5
    t = 7.5


    Now if you do the rest of your equations they should work.
    Hope this helps


    ps> I'm not a teacher so you should probably check with a math teacher as well.

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