5th grade math

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I am desperately trying to help my 5th grader figure out how many ways can we make this equation true 24 x 18 = 432 x

  • 5th grade math -

    24 * 18 = 432
    432 * 1 = 432

  • 5th grade math -

    960 divided by 8

  • 5th grade math -

    idk lol srry don't know

  • 5th grade math -

    It's 432*1.

    PS:* is a multiplication sign!

  • 5th grade math -

    Minimum: 28 maximum: 34 median: 30 mode: 29

  • 5th grade science -

    Me you me and you

  • 5th grade math -

    x=1 because 432*1 is 432. Since 18*24 doesn't equal another number, there is only 1 way possible.

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