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how are vancover and paris alike?

They are both well know, good tourist attraction sites, have many things to explore. Filled with amusement.

Umm... would like more ideas..

  • About Paris -

    Paris has many beautiful parks. Does Vancouver?

    Both cities have good public transportation systems.

    Paris has many distinct neighborhoods, some of which have inhabitants of specific ethnic groups.

    Both cities are mecca for shopping in the wider area.

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    I think Vancouver is only well known for its Stanley park.

    They both have tall buildings.

    They both have nightlife. The streets attract large crowds.

  • About Paris -


  • About Paris -

    1. consistently in the top 5 cities in the world to live in.
    2. very mild winters for its latitude, seldom ever gets snow
    3. third largest "chinatown" in North America
    4. unbelievable scenery, Rocky Mountains a few km away.

    I also noticed the answers you gave in your previous post to this same question

    Paris: 11 million vs Vancouver: 2 million

    Vancouver has numerous beaches, Paris is on a non-swimmable river.

    Paris has a subway, a very good one. I have used it myself
    Vancouver has a "skytrain", an elevated train system with about 70 km of tracks.

    Language: Paris-French

  • About Paris -

    For the record, Vancouver is nowhere near the Rocky Mountains. The Rockies are located east of Revelstoke past the Selkirk and Skeena ranges and run near the British Columbia/Alberta border and continue south to Colorado. The mountains near Vancouver are in fact part of the coastal range and are what divides the coast from the interior plateaus.

    Some additional facts:

    Paris is home to over 3800 historical monuments and is home to 4 UNESCO world heritage sites. It also hosts 33 of the Fortune 500 companies.
    Central Paris is comprised of 20 arrondissements, or districts.
    There are more dogs in France than children.

    The area around Vancouver is considered a temperate rainforest.
    Both Vancouver and Paris are located near a river (Paris being on the river Seine and Vancouver on the Fraser).

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