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How are Vancouver and Paris different from one another?

Ive got to name atleast 8 differences between them.

1. Paris has a population over 2 million, unlike Vancouver which only has a couple thousand.
2.The night life is different. The way the French Party.
3.The dressing style.
4.The food.
5.There are street musicians in Paris, you rarely see some in Vancouver.
6.There are huge museums in Paris.
7.Paris is well known for its eiffel tower.
8.The pastry shops in Paris are delicous.

Are there more?????

  • About Paris -

    Parisians speak French, while people in Vancouver speak English.

    Wine is an integral part of dinner in Paris.

    Paris has a large subway system. I don't think Vancouver does.

    Paris has many great churches, including Notre Dame and Sacre Coeur.

    Paris is much older than Vancouver.

    Paris is near the middle of a continent, while Vancouver is on the edge of a continent.

    Paris is my favorite city; I've never been to Vancouver.

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