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well i have a couple of questions about the tragedy of macbeth that i have no clue how to answer so if you could lend me some help i'll appriciate it.

it's act 2:
Q1) Though Macbeth encounters no actual opposition until long after Duncan is murdered, Shakespeare must foreshadow some trouble for him. To build up suspense, Shakespeare edges one character toward suspicion of Macbeth. Who is this character, and what inkling does he give of his dissatisfaction with Macbeth?

Q2) Macduff becomes an important character in the three remaining acts. Describe how Shakespeare characterizes him in Act 2?

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    Q1 the charater is Banquo, his friend remember at the begining when the 3 withches said macbeth will be thane of cawdor and king so banquo now suspect him

    Q2 macduff is the kings... you could say slave or personal servant he had come to wake the king that morning of his death.

    hope this helps im doing this too im on act 3 :)

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    thanks alot, that really helped :)

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    your welcome :)

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    hey.. did you take a test in act 2 .... if yes .. could you plz give me the questions if you can.

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