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Please check my answers

Would you be more likely to get at least 70% tails if you flip a fair coin 10 times or if you flip a fair coin 1000 times? same

Consider a bowl containing 36 different slips of paper. Ten of the slips of paper each contain one of the digits from the set 0 through 9 and 26 slips each contain one of the 26 letters of the alphabet. If one slip is drawn at random, what is P(a number that is not prime appears on the slip)? 5/36

Consider the experiment of rolling a single die. Find the probability of the event described.

What is P(odd and prime)?



Suppose a basketball player is an excellent free throw shooter and makes 91% of his free throws (i.e., he has a 91% chance of making a single free throw). Assume that free throw shots are independent of one another. Suppose this player shoots five free throws. Find the probability that he makes all five throws.


A) 0

B) 0.376

C) 0.624

D) 1

I got c

Two cards are drawn without replacement from an ordinary deck of 52 playing cards. What is the probability that the second card is a spade if the first card was not a spade? 1/4

A die is rolled twice. What is the probability of getting a sum greater than or equal to ten?

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    Yes, Same.

    Not prime number between 0-9 are 4, 6 and 8 --> 3/36

    I got c too.

    not spade = 39/52 * 13/51 = ?

    I get 1/6 too.

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