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4. RBI is analyzing the total credit flow in the economy and the circulation of money in the economy. In order to formulate its annual Monetary & Credit policy, RBI is assessing the credit off take in the banking sector and has classified as low, moderate and high, according to the total credit provided to various sectors of the economy. The total credit provided in Rs. During the four quarters of the calendar year is given below:
Credit Off take
(In Billion Rs.) Quarter
Low 18 10 7 5
Moderate 17 16 17 20
High 5 14 26 35

a. Is there a significant evidence in the above data to show that the Credit off take depend on the period. What is the rationale behind the choice of the test you would apply? Test at level of significance of 5%.
b. Also test whether the credit off take between the four quarters is significant. What is the rationale behind the choice of the test you would apply? Test at level of significance of 5%.

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