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I forgot to include the following sentences on the same subject. Thank you for checking them.

1) The turning point of World War II came in 1941: Hitler, ignoring his pact, attacked Russia in June, and the Japanese, in December, attacked the American naval base of Pearl Harbour, forcing the United States to enter the war.
2) The was also raged in North-Africa, where the British General Montgomery obtained a decisive victory at El Alamein, in November 1942, over the German General Rommel, and in Russia, where the Germans advanced victoriously as far as Stalingrad.
3) But here the Russians resisted heroically, and transformed their retreat into victory in February 1943, compelling Germans and Italians to withdraw, leaving thousands and thousands of soldiers under the snow of the terrible Russian winter.
4) Italy was invaded by the Allies in 1943; the Fascist Governemnt was overthrown, but the Germans resisted strongly, and the Allies managed to reach the north of Italy only in the spring of 1945.
5) On the 6th of June 1944 (D-Day), the Allied invaded Normandy, liberated Paris and reached the Rhine; Americans and Russians met at the Elbe, and in May 1945 the war in Europe was over. 6) It continued till August in Japan, who surrendered only when the two Japanese towns of Hiroshima and Nagasaki were destroyed by the American atomic bombs.
7) The horrors of the German concentration camps wre generally known only at the end of the war, making even more evident the enormous danger Hitler had been to our civilization.
8) King George VI died in 1952 and was succeeded by his elder daughter, Elizabeth. Elizabeth II, married to Philip Duke of Edinburgh, is the present queen of England.
9)Disillusionment came at the realization that Britain was gradually being reduced to a second-class power dependent on the United States. Moreover, Britain lost its Empire handind over the government of the various colonies to local rulers.

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    Choose the 4 or 5 you have questions about, please.

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