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Consider the titration of 88.0 mL of 0.150 M Ba(OH)2 by 0.600 M HCl. Calculate the pH of the resulting solution after the following volumes of HCl have been added.
0.0 ml
12 ml
31 ml
44 ml
88 ml

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    You have 5 points on the titration curve. You must recognize where you are on the curve.
    At zero mL, you have pure Ba(OH)2 so the pH will be determined by that concn.

    At the other points, calculate how moles Ba(OH)2 you have initially, the moles HCl added. Calculate moles Ba(OH)2 remaining in solution after the neutralization of that many moles, then determine pH from that (remember it takes 2 moles HCl to equal 1 mol Ba(OH)2).
    It is a good idea to determine the end point so you will know which of these points is after the end point.
    Finally, if any are after the equivalence point, the pH will be determined by the amount of excess HCl present.
    Post your work if you have a question about a specific point.

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