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1. a plane has heading of 54 degrees & airspeed of 225mph. The wind is blowing at 33mph from 144 degrees. what are its actua heading & airspeed? Round to one decimal place.

A) 61.4deg, 257.1mph B) 7.4deg, 66114.0mph C) 136.6deg, 288mph D) no solution

2. Force with magnitude of 983lbs & another with magnitude of 313lbs are acting on object. The 2 forces have an angle of 94deg between them. what is the direction of resultant force with respect to the force 313lbs? round to one decimal place.

A) 18deg B) 76deg C) 16.6deg D) no sol.

3. use de moivres theorem to solve the problem in rectangular form: (3+3i)^3

4. Find the nth root of 2 in polar form: 8+8 sq.root3i, n=2

5. Find all complex solutions in rectangular form: x^3+27=0

6. Convert point to exact coordinates. Assume 0 less or equal to theta less or equal to 2pi: (1,sq.root3)

A) (pi/3, 2) B) (2, pi/3) C) (2, 2pi/3) D) (1, 4pi/3)


    Tutors will gladly help you with individual questions, but we don't do an entire assignment for you.

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