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im studying for a test and i have no idea where to even start for this practice problem..??

a 0.15M(molarity im assuming)solution of BrCl2 contains..

a).15MBr2+ ions and .30M Cl- ions
b).30MBr2+ ions and .15M Cl- ions
c).15MBr2+ ions and .15M Cl- ions
d).30MBr2+ ions and .30M Cl- ions

can you show me how you get the answer? thanks

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    Actually the correct answer is not listed. I would expect BrCl2 to be a covalent compound; therefore, it would not consist of ions. It's polar covalent, to be sure, but surely not ionic. However, I think the answer is a).
    0.15M XY2 (if ionic) would consist of 0.15 M X^+ ions (there is 1 X^+ ion per molecule of XY2 and 1*0.15 = 0.15) and 0.30 M Y (there are two Y^- ions per molecule of XY2 and 2*0.15 = 0.30).

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