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This is from a "effect of pH on the solubility of Ca(OH)2" lab: If excess Ca(NO3)2 were present, what effect would it have on the solubility of Ca9OH)2?
in a "effect of comlex ion formaiton on the solubility of NiCO3" lab": If HCl(aq) were added to the NiCo3 precipitate, rather than NH3 (aq), what effect would it have on the solubility? write a balanced ionic equation for the reaction of HCl 9aq) with NiCO3(s).

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    Ca(OH)2 is less soluble in Ca(NO3)2 that with no Ca(NO3)2.
    NiCO3 reacts with HCl to produce CO2 and H2O.
    NiCO3 + 2HCl ==> H2O + CO2 + NiCl2
    That's the molecular equation. You can convert that to an ionic equation.

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