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Can you please check these last questions. Thank you very much!!

1) What are the most dominant themes in Shakespeare’s Macbeth?
2) How does Shakespeare define True Love in his famous sonnet The Marriage of true Minds?
3) What do the three witches stand for and what prophecies do they give to Macbeth?
4) Focus on the first Hanoverians and answer briefly the following questions.
5) What were the first political parties in Britain, where did they descend from and who sided with them? 6) What did the meetings of the Whig ministers develop into and what advantages did Britain get from Robert Walpole’s policy? What values did his opponent, William Pitt, encourage?
7) Explain the meaning of the four metaphors Macbeth uses to describe Life in his Last Monologue.

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    1. Put the play's title in italics or underline it.

    2. Don't use any capital letters for true love and be sure to italicize it or underline it. Put the title of the poem in quotation marks.

    3. Comma needed after "for"

    4. OK

    5. Semicolons needed after "Britain" and "from"

    6. OK

    7. What will be put in italics or underlined??

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