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I think I fixed everything.

Technology, Technology, that's all we use to communicate today. There's Facebook, Twitter, Myspace, and so many more. Technology is very distracting and this causes many kids to fail and fall behind in school and grades. I agree with the writer of the Scope magazine article "Is Technology Messing with Your Brain?" When he says that kids are spending more time with their gadgets than with their friends. Kids are also spending more time with their electronics than with their homework. Finally, kids can't concentrate or remember anything because their brain is multitasking with all of this technology. For example, you’ll be trying to do your homework and then your friend sends you a message that’s very important. What do you do? You try to read the message and try to do your homework, knowing you can’t multitask.The most important point is that kids are using technology and distracting their minds off important things that matter. School work should come first and then playing should come later. Many parents agree with me. We need to get these intelligent kids cracking these books, and learning. If you do not do this your future would go down the drain.

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    Doesn't technology also include the research you do on the internet? Doesn't it include the help you've gotten from Jiskha? Doesn't it include word processing? Doesn't include cell phones? Doesn't it include scanners used in stores? Doesn't it include GPS? Doesn't it include medical devices and record keeping? Doesn't it include weather monitoring?

    I'm a senior citizen and use technology -- but it hasn't messed with my brain. Oh -- I guess it has. I don't have to remember as much as I used to. I just look up stray facts on Google.

    Your use of "technology" in this essay is really narrow.

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