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A deck of playing cards contains 52 cards, four of which are aces. What is the probability that the deal of a five-card hand provides:

a. What is the appropriate probability distribution for X? Explain how X satisfies the properties of the distribution.
b. A pair of Aces?
c. Exactly one ace?
d. No aces?
e. At least one ace?

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    a. I don't know what X signifies.

    b. First find the probability of two aces, then 3 non-aces.

    (4/52)(3/51)(48/50)(47/49)(46/48) = ?

    c, d. Use similar to process above.

    e. At least one ace = 1, 2, 3, or 4 aces. Use answers from b and c, plus calculate probability of 3 aces and 4 aces.

    The probability of either-or = sum of individual probabilities.

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