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Thanks for the info. I have come up with my introduction on this. Can you take a look and see if this is good way to start?

Racial discrimination is currently going on all the time in the United States and most people are unaware of it. The most popular place for this to be happening is in the workplace environment. People can be discriminated on their religion, race, nationality, and their skin color. Hispanics are one race that struggle's in everyday issues when it comes to daily events. In this essay I am going to discuss the challenges of racial discrimination and how hard it is to live in the United States as a minority.

If you can please give me some feedback about this first part that would be great.


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    I need to see your outline in order to tell if this is fitting.

    One correction needed already: "People can be discriminated against because of their religion ...

    Another issue is that Hispanics don't make a race, as such. This is more of an issue of ethnicity rather than race.

    I would refer to racial discrimination in respect to how Africans, African-Americans, Chinese (or any other people from the Orient), et al., are treated. I'd refer to ethnic discrimination in respect to how Irish, Germans, Mexicans, Filipinos, et al., are treated.

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