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Will iodine react with sucrose or glucose? I would say no, because it reacts with starch, a polysaccharide, and glucose is a monosaccaride and sucrose is a combination of fructose and glucose, two monosaccharides. Am I right? Why or why not? How does iodine cause a reaction to starch? Thanks!

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    For the first part of your post, try some of the following links:

    h t t p://s e a r c h.y a h oo .c o m/s e a r c h ? f r = mc a f e e &p = W i l l + i o d i n e + r e a c t + w i t h + s u c r o s e + o r + g l u c o s e % 3 F


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    Sra - PLEASE DO NOT REPLY WITH WEBSITES!!! (This one didn't even work :-P). People then do not give legitimate answers because they think the question has already been answered. In addition, I only post on here when I have exhausted the Internet searching for answers to my questions. There is a good reason why this site tries to stop a person from giving a web site as an answer - PLEASE DON'T BYPASS THIS BY DISGUISING YOUR LINK!!! Now I will have to repost and again ask for help - I hope someone who understands the material can help me.

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