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I have a question if these are correct.. Thank you for your help!

11. The officers are government officials. (LV= are, Pn=officers)

12. Their presence was necessary in the far north county in the early days. (lv= was, Pa=necessary)

13. Now they are famous throughout the world. (lv-are Pa=famous)

14. They are the subject of many stories. (lv=are Pn=subject)

16. Their standards seem high. (lv=seem, PA=high)

17. Only talented people can be officers. (lv=can be, PN=officers )

18. Mounties have become an important part of Canadian life. (lv=have become, PA=part)

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    11. Verb is correct; PN is wrong.
    12. Correct.
    13. Correct.
    14. Correct.
    16. Correct
    17. Correct.
    18. Correct.

    Good job!!

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