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I had to write a brief review on a movie and needed five adverbs and five adjectives and three superlatives and three comparatives here is what I wrote.The supporting character I was most impressed with was Frenchie. She did a terrific job, both in her ineptness at her fashion degree(‘it was so much work!’), and in her friendship and sensitivity towards Sandy. Kenickie was going through a cool phase, as well, but he also needed to be accepted as a leader. Still, he looked up to Danny as the others did. I liked the way Danny tried very hard to turn into a jock. His attempts at sports were really funny, and when he finally finishes his track course, it’s encouraging to see how far he has actually come in trying to win Sandy. However, I am afraid that his efforts have been compromised because of Sandy’s change.

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    Good paragraph.

    Would you list the adjectives and adverbs in here for me?

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    adjectives supporting,terrific,fashion, much, cool

    adverbs most,so,very,finally,actually

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    The only one I'd question is "fashion" but I see how it's used, so it seems OK.

    I don't see the comparatives or superlatives, though.

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