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The redox reaction:
O3SOOSO3^2− + Cr^3+ -> HSO4^− + Cr2O7^2−
is carried out in aqueous acidic solution. Which elements are undergoing changes in oxidation state?

I thought it would be S and Cr. For the balanced equation, I got 3O3SOOSO3+Cr^3+ + 13H^+ -> 3HSO4^- + Cr2O7^2- + 5H2O , but it's wrong and I don't know what I did. Thanks in advance.

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    S and Cr changing sounds logical although I didn't go through it. One thing I spotted right off the bat. You have 1 Cr^+3 on the left and Cr2O7^-2 on the right. The Cr atoms don't balance. Theck the others for good measure. Also check to see that the charges balance; don't think so. You have 6 S on the left and only 3 on the right.

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