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Can you please check my answers.

1. A lyrical movement or piece for solo voice with instrumental
accompaniment is called a/an

A. ostinato.
B. aria.
C. operetta.
D. chorus.

2. What is the difference between an oratorio and an opera?

A. An opera is staged and an oratorio isn't.
B. An oratorio doesn't include an aria and an opera does.
C. The opera is based on a sacred topic and an oratorio
D. An oratorio doesn't include recitatives.

3. The first opera to win widespread acclaim was

A. Purcell's Dido and Aeneas.
B. Handel's Messiah.
C. Monteverdi's Orpheus.
D. Handel's Rinaldo.

4.When instruments double the voices by playing the same notes sung by a chorus,
the music is considered to have

A. unified timbre.
B. paired movement.
C. syncopation.
D. contrasting timbre.

5.A style of vocal music that's a cross between singing and speaking is commonly
referred to as

A. pavane.
B. polychoral.
C. recitative.
D. gigue.

6.The _______ is a musical form that utilizes multiple soloists.

A. sarabande
B. concerto grosso
C. chorale prelude
D. Gothic motet

7.The musical instrument referred to as the "King of Instruments" is the

A. human voice.
B. violin.
C. tuba.
D. organ.

8.Another word for "round" is

A. canon.
B. rhapsody.
C. gigue.
D. sarabande.

9.The form of the melody called the bar form is represented by


10.Handel's first operatic hit, which premiered in London in 1711, was

A. Saul.
B. Rinaldo.
C. Four Seasons.
D. Giulio Cesare.

11. A _______ performance usually requires the musicians to embellish the part
written for them.

A. virtuoso
B. transcripted
C. passacaglia
D. canzona

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