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List and compare Kohlberg’s 6 stages of moral development and Piaget’s theory of moral development.

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    what are the difference between one another

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    I suggest you list the different theories in two separate columns. Then, you'll be able to see the differences between them.

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    Kohlberg’s 6 stages of moral development
    1. Punishment and Obedience
    2. Mutual Benefit
    3. Interpersonal Expectations
    4. Law and Order
    5. Legal Principles
    6. Universal Moral Principles

    Based on a individuals reason to follow moral decisions

    Piaget’s theory of moral development
    1. Sensorimotorgnitive decelopment
    2. Preoperational
    3. Concrete operations
    4. Formal operations
    Based on the congnitive development of children progress through 4 distinct stages
    therefore each stage represents a fudamental shift in how the child thinks and undertstands the world

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