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Hello! I am trying to finish a math assignment. it was a bunch of math questions, and I am having a very difficult time with 5 of them. I have the answers to them though. Could somebody please help me with AT LEAST a few!? thanks!!

1) A square swimming pool with a side measuring 16m is to be surrounded by a uniform rubberized floor covering. if the area of the floor covering equals the area of the pool, find the width of the rubberized covering. (answer 3.3m)

2) A rectangular area is enclosed by a fence and divided by another fence parallel to two of its sides. if the 600m of fence used encloses a maximum area, what are the dimmensions of the enclosure? ( answer 100 by 150)

3) A theatre seats 2000 people and charges 10$ for a ticket. at this price, all tickets will be sold. a survey indicates that if the ticket price is increased, the number sold will decrease by 100 for every dollar of increase. what ticket price will result in the greatest revenue? (answer 15$)

4) To fave fuel on the 240km trip to the cottage, the Nakamura family reduced their usual average speed by 20 km/h. this lengthens their journey by 1 hour. What is the slower average speed? ( answer 60 km/h)

5) the edges of 3 cubes are consecutive odd integers. if the cubes are stacked on a desk as shown, the total exposed surface area is 281 cm squared. find the lenghts of the sides of the cubes. ( answer 3 cm, 5 cm, 7cm)

i have tried countless diagrams and charts and i feel really dumb cuz i can't get anything. help would be much appreciated! thanks!

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