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I visited the site you recommended to me. I just have a few mor doubts. I included a few more sentences whose vocabulary I'm not sure of.

1) The teacher was annoyed/cross with me for being late BUT she was annoyed/irritated by the heat/the elephant.
2) I was frightened by the lion (with the lion is wrong?)
3)I was amused by the clowns (is "by" the only possible preposition?)
I was confused by the noise.
4) In the morning I make myself a cheese and salami toast, a cup of tea and an orange squash.
5) I take the kettle from (out of the cupboard), turn on the gas tap and put the kettle on a medium heat (cooker, stove?).
6) When the kettle starts whistling, I take it from the heat and pour the hot water in the cup in which I have previuously put a tea bag. I let it rest (?) for five minutes and I drink it with a little milk and a teaspoonful of sugar.
7) I sometimes toast some bread and then spread it with jam or nutcream.
I make my son an orange squash every day. I use an electric citrus-fruit squeezer to make it.

  • English -

    1 - right

    2 - by is right, with is incorrect

    3 - yes, only by

    4 - Is this what you mean? >> In the morning I make myself toast with cheese and salami on it, a cup of tea, and a glass of orange juice.

    5 - All sounds OK except you need to remove "a" in front of "medium"

    6 - change "rest" to "steep"

    7 - a glass of orange juice

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