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Mr. Thatch needs to buy tables and chairs for his office suite. Tables cost $90 and chairs cost $40. Mr. Thatch can spend no more than $1,000.

a. Write an inequality that expresses this situation in terms of the number of tables(t) purchased and the number of chairs(c) purchased.

b. What are three ordered pairs(t,c) that satisfy the inequality in part A?

c. If Mr. Thatch wants to purchase 6 chairs for every table he buys and still spend no more than $1,000, what is the greatest number of sets of tables and chairs that he can buy?

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    a.Set table as x,chair as y
    b.just plug in and try y=6x
    substitute 6x for y
    you get 90x+240x<=1000
    so x<=100/33
    greatest one is 3 for table,18 for chair

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