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The following rearrangement reaction is first order:

C3H6 ¨ CH3CH=CH2

The rate constant for this reaction is 6.7 ~ 10−4. How many minutes will it take for the concentration of C3H6 to drop to 11.75% of its initial value?

How do I calculate this step by step.
My answer was 3.1 minutes and it was wrong.

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    You don't have any units on k. Also, I'm not sure I've translated the mumbo jumbo symbols you have correctly so check the below carefully.

    ln(No/N) = kt
    No = 100
    N = 11.75
    k = 6.7E-4 (min^-1 or sec^-1 or whatever)
    t = time and the time will be minutes, seconds, hours, days, or whatever the unit of k. Then time will need to be convert to minutes if k is in some unit other than minutes.

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