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Compare and contrast the activity of acetylcholine, dopamine, serotonin, and norepinephrine. If the statement applies to more than one, indicate which ones.

___________________________ curare interferes with the action of this neurotransmitter

___________________________ cocaine interferes with the reuptake of this neurotransmitter

___________________________ this neurotransmitter is degraded before it is taken back into the presynaptic cell

___________________________ this neurotransmitter functions in both the CNS and the PNS

___________________________ this neurotransmitter causes ion channels to open in postsynaptic cells

___________________________ this neurotransmitter is derived from tryptophan

___________________________ a G-protein in the postsynaptic membrane may be required for the action of this neurotransmitter

___________________________ these neurotransmitters are catecholamines

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