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I have to write a basic paragraph describing myself for Spanish class. I have translated it several times on several different sites, but I'm still not sure if it is correct. Something seems wrong.. I would greatly appreciate any corrections.

My name is Lace and I am from Arizona in the United States. I am very outgoing and nice. I am patient. I like to swim and paint. I do not like music or playing sports. I do not like to dance.

Me llamo Lace y yo soy de Arizona en Estados Unidos. Soy muy atrevido y agradable. Soy también paciente. Me gusta nadar y pintura. No me gusta deportes o música. Tampoco me gusta bailar.

Also, I have to read a passage in Spanish and record it on a CD to turn in. Is there a website that I could type the passage in and listen to audio to make sure I'm pronouncing words correctly? I have tried search engines with no luck.

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    A translation page won't help you. Don't think in English first. That is a big mistake.

    Write what you think is correct in Spanish then go from there.

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    en los Estados Unidos
    If yu are feminine, all the adjectives referring to you must be feminine too: atrevida

    Me gusta nadar y pintar (parallel construction means both infinitives)

    Ne me gustan deportes ni música. Sports are NOT (plural) pleasing to me, nor music.

    Here are the Spanish audio sites:

    You should do fine if you remember to have the vowels clear.
    a = ah (like at the dentist)
    e = a (like the first letter of the alphabet)
    i = e (like the 5th letter of the American alphabet)
    o = oh (clear o)
    u = oo (rhymes with too, boo)

    If you are reading what you wrote, be sure the 2 words with accent marks have the stress on the 3rd syllable from the end.

    llamo is like yah-moe
    z = s or th in Spain (Arizona)

    Good luck and after you have made one tape study any corrections carefully so the next one is better!


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    Oh, wow, very informative. I had no idea about that if you are feminine the adjectives should be as well. That site is exactly what I needed.

    Thank you for your time and effort, I really appreciate it. Have a good day! :]

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