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Though I specialized in Germanic languages, I need to present (in a very simple way using a very simple language) some scientific topics in English to Italian 18-year-old-students (studying applied sciences) whose English is very poor. I'm seeking internet sites where everything is explained clearly and can be listened to at the same time.
I've been given a booklet by the school containing short and abdridged newspaper articles on the various topics but there are no post-reading activities and the listening ones are missing.
The topics are as follows: DNA (a chemical contained in chromosomes), biology's big bang (Briefing RNA),HIV/AIDS:basic instructions), Chemical research and medicine, Astrophics 1 (birth of a star, death of a star, white dwarfs, neutron stars, black holes) Astrophics 2 (Olber's Paradox, Gravity won't allow a static universe, cosmological red shift, hubble's law, comsological principle, Omega factor, the Big Bang theory).

Please, give me a hand!

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    i don't know if this site has all of them but it might have some. try googling
    khan university . it has videos with the man explaining things like chemistry, algebra, and all kinds of other things on a "blackboard"

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    Scroll down to find all the subject areas and individual topics. It's an amazing website.

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