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I need to see if someone can help me with a c# programming problem
Create a class called employees that includes three pieces of information as either instance variables or automatic properties - a first name(type string), a last name (type string) and a monthly salary (decimal). Yor class should
hace a constructor that initializes the three values. Provide a pproperty with get and set accessor for any instance variable. Of the monthly salary is negative, the set accessor should leave the instance variable unchanged. Write a test application named EmployeeTest that demonstrates class Employee's capabilities. Create two Employee objects and display each object's yearly salary. Then give each Employee a 10% raise and display each Employee's yearly salary again.

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    Start from the definition of the class, assign private to instance variables, and public to methods.
    The constructor has to accept 3 arguments, two strings and one double.

    You will need accessors for each of the instance variables.

    Use the main method for testing purposes.

    You can post your code if you need help rectifying syntax or logic.

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