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I am totally stumped. The picture we are to look at is called Five generations of slaves in South Carolina. The picture shows a family outside their home.

The questions we are asked is to
1-make inferences about the owner of the plantation that is showin in the image
2-do you think the owner of the plantation and the slave family in the image are typical of that period.

I do not see the owner in the picture, unless the owner is the tall african american standing in the middle. I am stumped here.
2- granted the clothing looks decent and not raggedy as seen in other pictures, and the man standing in the middle appears to be wearing a "3 piece lounge suit" that has a jacket, shirt and under shirt. The women appear to be wearing dresses that appear clean and well fitting. So no I don't think their clothing is befitting the era, I think they were treated well on the plantation.

Can anyone help with number 1 and tell me if you agree on number 2

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