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The results of the 1912 election prove that Americans were ready for change and reform across the board. Each candidate offered their own view on how changes should be implemented and which issues needed change, ultimately the voters showed they wanted an end to political corruption and to lessen the social division between classes.

Where do you think we’d be if the results of the 1912 election would have gone differently?

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    "What would happen if . . ." questions are impossible to answer.

    First, this election was almost 100 years ago. Things have changed dramatically since then.

    Second, the point is that the people wanted an end to political corruption and less division between classes. If the electorate hadn't demanded these reforms then, undoubtedly the voters would have demanded them within the next few years.

    However, I realize that this is your assignment -- so you'll have to use your imagination and answer it the best way you can.

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    Thank you

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    You're welcome.

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