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I am writing a paper on the novella Aura by Carlos Fuentes and so far I have a few paragraphs. I was just wondering if I were to post what I have so far would someone be able to proread it for me? I am mostly worried about grammatical errors.

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    As long as you don't need help with content, yes, someone here will give you feedback on the grammar and usage in your paper.

    Please make sure that you have proofed and corrected it at least once. If you put an unproofed paper in a post, you'll be asked to go through it yourself first.

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    So far I only have the intro and 2 body paragraphs. I have already proofed and corrected it once but I want to be sure I didn't miss anything. Thank you!

    The Art of Seduction Through Magic and Religion
    In the novella Aura written by Carlos Fuentes, the use of magic is frequently found throughout the story. At the beginning of the story we are given little information about the main character Felipe Montero. All we know about him is that he is seeking to apply for a job that is advertised in the newspaper. Oddly enough, the job seems as if it is meant only for Felipe to have. For his interview he goes to the house of Mrs. Consuelo which happens to be completely dark and learns that he will be editing the memoirs of her husband, General Llorente, who has been dead for sixty years. When Felipe is told that he will have to live in the house with Mrs. Consuelo while completing his work, he tries to protest until he meets her beautiful niece Aura. It is in the end that we are aware that Mrs. Consuelo and Aura are the same person and Felipe is really General Llorente. The act of seducing Felipe stems from the use of magic as well as religion.
    The most significant piece of magic that is used to seduce Felipe is the creation of Mrs. Consuelo’s niece Aura. Later on in the story we realize that Aura is really Mrs. Consuelo when she was a young woman. So desperate to hold on to her youth, Mrs. Consuelo creates Aura hoping to seduce Felipe with her beauty and captivating green eyes. From the moment Felipe lays eyes on Aura he cannot stop thinking about her. When Felipe first see’s her eyes Fuentes writes “you look into them and tell yourself it isn’t true, because they’re beautiful green eyes just like all the beautiful green eyes you’ve ever known” (27). Every minute of the day Felipe finds himself lost in a trance thinking about Aura beautiful eyes. He also thinks about taking Aura away with him in order to help her escape Mrs. Consuelo who he fears is holding her captive. He often finds himself saying Aura’s name. Fuentes show Felipe’s obsession with Aura when he writes “you touch your fine profile, your lean cheeks; and when your breath hides your face again you’re repeating her name: “Aura””(33). No matter how hard he tries, Felipe cannot get Aura out of his mind. He tries to concentrate on completing his work but it does not take long before the thought of Aura comes back. It is made clear that Mrs. Consuelo’s creation of Aura has succeeded in seducing Felipe.
    Not only does Aura represent the use of magic in this story, but Saga, Mrs. Consuelo’s rabbit does as well. It is in the beginning of the story that we are made aware of the rabbit when Consuelo is holding her when first meeting Felipe. As Consuelo is talking to Felipe the rabbit jumps out of her arms and disappears. Consuelo tells Felipe that the rabbit is her companion and that “she’ll come back” (Fuentes 23). Strangely enough, Aura is the one who comes into the room after the rabbit has disappeared and Consuelo says “I told you she’d come back” (Fuentes 25). She also refers to Aura as her companion as well. This odd event shows that the rabbit could really be Aura which in fact represents magic conducted by Consuelo. It is hard to believe that this would just be a coincidence that Aura just so happens to show up after the rabbit leaves and that Consuelo would say such an odd statement. It is at this moment when Felipe meets Aura that he starts to become seduced.

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    Comma usage: http://grammar.ccc.commnet.edu/grammar/commas.htm
    Study comma uses #2, 3, and 4 -- then go through your paper looking for where commas belong for these reasons.

    Quotation marks usage:
    Scroll down almost to the bottom of this webpage and study the use of single quotation marks (quotation within quotation). Apply where needed in your paper.

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