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Comm 155

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Could you please check these sentences and tell me if they make sense.
Write five sentences in which you address changes in your writing.

1. With practice, I have gotten better at grammar and punctuation.
2. Working with a study group has made my sentence structure better.
3. Recognizing verb tense has become easier.
4. I have become a better writer.
5. Before starting this class I was bad at run on sentences

  • Comm 155 -

    The only thing I'd change is number 5. How about?

    I now recognize run-on sentences and don't use them any more.

  • Comm 155 -

    1. I have learned how to use correct grammar using subject and verb agreement to improve my writing.

    2. I can use the source of a dictionary to learn the meaning of words.

    3. Punctuation in my writing tells a lot about the sentence and the meaning of words.

    4. Learning how to use the correct verb tense has improved.

    5. Proofreading over my writing before submission has improved.

  • Comm 155 -

    Could you let me know if these are correct?
    Write 5 sentences in which you address
    changes in your writing:
    1) Working with a friend has made my sentence structure better.
    2) I now recognize run-one sentences,and try not to use them.
    3)I still get confused on some things.
    4) Verb tense has become easier to understand.
    5) My grammar is a lot better since starting this class.

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