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posted by Mark

When you are writing the unknown words f.e. on the board can you write the following or is something else correct (I am referring to articles):

an aim-
a counter-revolution-
a supporter-
a square-
a mayor-
a green area-
a pedestrian zone-
So should you write the unknown words without or with these articles? And what about the word trainers? Is there a singular and how to write this word on the board?
Thank you

  1. Writeacher

    If you are writing these words on the board for examples' sake, then you wouldn't include the articles (a, an, the), but if you intend to explain the difference between "a" and "an" then yes, you'd include them.

    If you intend to give all forms of each word, then you'd write them like this:

    aim, aims, aim's, aims'
    mayor, mayors, mayor's, mayors'

  2. Mark

    and if these words are new words for people than I should write them without articles? When I write verbs I write them like f.e.

    to increase
    to explain
    so that is why I am asking about the nouns

  3. Writeacher

    I understand.

    Yes, we usually use the present infinitive to refer to new words that are verbs. Normally, I haven't seen teachers use the articles when they are introducing new words that are nouns, but it would be a good idea to do so!

    I'd say you can either list nouns with or without the articles, but be consistent.

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