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What does
Mcdonald tell citizens of his proposed confederation would call themselves? Would this be a selling point for French - Canadians? Explain ur answer.....'

He said they would call themselves Americans, and I don't get the second question.

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    Do you think French-Canadians would want to be called "Americans?"

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    No I don't think they would. That is kind of being racist to their religion and stuff, their own identies are being withered away.I don't understand what it means by selling point? Wouldnt selling point be for the French-Canadians to accept being called Americans??

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    A selling point is one that will convince other people. Obviously, French-Canadians wouldn't be convinced to join the confederation if they were called Americans.

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    Alright, thank you:) So this would not be a selling point for them, because they do not wish to be called Americans. By being called Americans, they lose their own identity.

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