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John. A Macdonald for Confederation...

For 20 long years, I have been dragging myself through the dreary waste of Colonial politics. I thought there was no end, nothing worthy of ambition; but now I see something which is well worthy of all I have suffered in the cause of my little country...
The dangers that have risen from this system we will avoid if we can agree upon forming a strong central government - a great central legislature - a constitution for a union which will have all the rights of sovereignty except those that are given to the local governments. Then we shall have taken a great step in advance of the American Republic. If we can only obtain that object - a vigorous general government - we shall not be New Brunswickers, not Nova Scotians, nor Canadians, but British Americans...
In the case of a union, this railway must be a national work, and Canada will cheerfully contribute to the utmost extent in order to make that important link, without which no political connection can be complete. What will be the consequence to the city [ Halifax], prosperous as it is, from that communication? Montreal is at this moment competing with New York for the trade of the great west. Build the road and Halifax will soon become on of the great emporiums of the world. All the great resources of the West will come over the immense railways of Canada to the bosom of your harbour.

These are the points I got for him.

*Everyone could benefit once the colonies join
*If a strong central government is developed, we could all work together as one country and share our own ideas.
* We will be better than the American Republic, and will be considered as British Americans.
*The central government will look after the railink; will give money and time to it.
*Halifax will become the centre port of trade, it will become important and it wont have to be dependent on any other country.

Do I need any other points? Have I missed out on any?

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    Great! You found the main points!

    I don't have anything to add.

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    Alright, thanks:)

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    You're welcome.

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