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I forgot to include these other sentences. I hope you can check them, too as I need them for tomorrow.

1) This obviously represents the secret and evil side of nature. Hyde is only ever seen here, never at the front of the house.
2) Furthermore, the most crucial events of the novel, such as the murder of a respectable Member of Parliament or Jekyll’s suicide take place at night and are therefore wrapped up in darkness and fog.
3) The novel has a multi-narrative structure, since the story is presented by four narrators: Enfield, Utterson, Dr Lanyon and finally Dr Jekyll himself.
4) Utterson plays the role of a detective and represents, with his distant relative Enfield, the incongruous elements of personality.
5)Doctor Lanyon, who is both a colleague and a friend to Dr Jekyll, is tempted by forbidden knowledge and he consequently dies. Jekyll's confession takes up the last chapter.

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    2) the murder takes place (either/or) but the murder AND suicide take place


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