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Here are some more sentences I'd like you to revise.

1) Several symbols are used to explore the theme of the double. The setting of the novel is ambivalent since it seems to be halfway between England and Scotland, London and Edinburgh. 2.Both capitals have a double nature as they contain both respectable and appalling quarters thus mirroring the hypocrisy of Victorian society.
3. This ambivalence is also stressed by the contrast between the rear and the front entrances to Dr Jekyll’s house, which are symbolical for the two opposed sides of the same man. 4,The front door is elegant and pleasing to the eye and the hall and the dining room warm, comfortable, and well appointed.
5.This is where Jekyll is seen and represents his public face. The rear door is dingy and leads to the gloomy interior of the old dissecting rooms which form part of Jekyll’s laboratory.

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    3. well-appointed (used as adjecrtive)


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