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Intro to psychlogy

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Which one of the following statements about intelligence is the most accurate?
IQ is a valid measurement, and environmental factors do not change mental ability.
Intelligence is mostly genetic, has the most variability between groups, and is reliable regardless of the environment.
Intelligence is partially genetic, can be influenced by environmental factors, and has the most variability within groups.
Intelligence is different between groups because of genetics.

I am thinking it is B

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    I disagree.

    I've taken several IQ tests that have varied as much as 18 points. My lowest one was taken when I was stressed and tired.

    Children who have very limited educational backgrounds will usually not score as well as those with rich learning experiences. Would you expect a five-year-old whose mother has a limited vocabulary and has not traveled more than a few blocks from home to do the same on a verbal IQ test as one from a home with educated parents?

  • Intro to psychlogy -

    Thank you i am thinking the answer is A

  • Intro to psychlogy -

    that is the wrong answer i think i need some help

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