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How do you find the circumference of a circle?

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    Circumference = pi times radius squared.

    C = pi * r^2

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    Answer of Ms.Sue is wrong.

    The circumference is the distance around a closed curve. Circumference is a special perimeter.

    The circumference of a circle is the length around it. The circumference of a circle can be calculated using the formulas:


    Wher d is diameter



    Wher r is radius

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    You can check that.

    In google type: Circumference

    When you see list of results click on :

    Circumference-Wikipedia,the free encyclopedia

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    Ooops! I goofed again! I guess I'd better screw my head on tighter.

    Of course, Bosnian is right.

    C = pi * diameter

    I gave the formula for the area.

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