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The questions I selected are as follows. I'd like you to improve my vocabulary.
1) Why did you decide to join the school/or students' exchange?
2) What do you expect from it?
Can you say anything in Italian? If yes, where did you learn it?
3) Can you get any Italian channels in your country?
4) How many hours of school do you have everyday? Do you have afternoon classes/lessons?
5) What subjects are compulsory at your school? Until what age is school compulsory in Oregon? What is your school leaving certificate called and what is the best mark you can get?
6)Is it the same in the rest of the US? (I don't know how to express it).
7)Do high schools offer different courses of study? (Our school offers three different five-year-courses: one with an emphasis on applied sciences, one on languages and one on maths).
8) Can you enter university directly (?) after the high school or do you have to pass an entry test (what do you call it in American?)

  • English -

    1. Why did you decide to enter the exchange-student program?

    2. What do you expect to learn and experience while in the program? Do you speak any Italian? If yes, where did you learn it?

    3. OK

    4. OK

    5. What subjects are required at your school? [2nd sentence is fine.] What is your school-completion certificate called, and what is the highest grade or mark you can earn?

    6. Are the requirements and grades the same all over the US?

    7. Does your high school offer different programs of study within which you can choose your courses?

    8. What is the process for entering college or university? What courses and tests do you have to complete before applying for admission?

    I hope these are helpful. Let me know if you have questions.

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