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1) Four American 17-year-old students will be in class with us tomorrow for an hour.
2) I need to prepare some activities to entertain them. They can't speak any Italian so the activities must be English.
3) I was thinking of preparing a questionnaire myself about their families and habits, which I will hand out to my students.
4) The four American students will be asked to move around the class and answer the questions selected by the Italian students.
5) The Italian students will have to notice their answers and be able to report them to the class. The winning student will be the one who is able to report the most answers. What do you think?
6)Our town is twinned with (??) this American town and that's why our students are asked to put up these American students for three weeks.

In my next post I will let you have a look at the questions I prepared. Can you help me improve my questionnaire? Thank you very much.

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    All these sentences are fine. The only thing needed is a comma after "town" in the 6th sentence.

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