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I realized I left out a paragraph for you to check. Thank you. In particular, can you say a bike shop, enthusiastic about?

1) Johnny has got a headache and he can’t train. Storm is training for the triathlon alone.
2) Her times are fast but she finds training alone boring.
3) Johnny believes that if she entered the triathlon, she would do really well.
4) She believes that she is not fast enough. However, she fears that if she had a faster bike (a racer) , she would fall off.
5) Johnny thinks that if she had a better bike, she’d be a lot faster.In her place, he’d get a racer. Storm says she cannot afford it.
6)Uncle Ed offers to pay for the second-hand racer in the shop window. In the picture you can see Storm, Johnny, Ed and Amy looking at a racer in a bicycle shop window. They seem really enthusiastic about it.

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    5. Space after "faster."

    6. You can use either bicycle shop or bike shop.

    Nice work!

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